President Vladimir Putin of Russia responded to the recent terror attacks there by announcing plans for a radical restructuring of the Russian political system that would end the popular election of regional governors and district representatives in parliament. [Lexington Herald-Leader] Many of those governors praised Putin’s plans; few politicians dared criticize them. Colin Powell expressed “concerns.” [New York Times]

Republicans in West Virginia told voters that Democrats will ban the Bible if John Kerry wins the presidency in November. [Associated Press] Dick Cheney said that electing John Kerry could lead to another terrorist attack. [USA Today]

Two Canadian lesbians were granted a divorce. [New York Times]

A schoolteacher was arrested for carrying a weighted bookmark in her purse as she attempted to board an airplane in Tampa, Florida. [St. Petersburg Times]

Scientists were developing a stinky robot that attracts flies, which it then digests and converts into electricity. [New Scientist]

The Cassini spacecraft discovered a new ring around Saturn. [2004-09-09] The Genesis space capsule, which had been collecting sun beams in outer space, crashed into the Nevada desert after two helicopters failed to catch it in mid-air as planned. [New Scientist]

British psychologists warned that people who keep diaries are more likely to suffer from headaches, insomnia, digestive complaints, and social problems. [New Scientist]

Social problems? SOCIAL PROBLEMS!?!

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  1. Sort of makes sense. By keeping the day’s problems in your head in order to write them down later, you’re dwelling on them longer, as opposed to just getting over it.

  2. Not necessarily causal, though. For instance, people who keep diaries may be thinking about their social problems more than most in any case, which prompts them to keep a diary in the first place.

  3. I always feel like such a loser when I ask questions like this, but what *is* a weighted bookmark? And why is it so scary???

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