Out of the Blue

I had a very weird day today! Fantastic, but weird. More later. I draw now.

Sorry to all of you who come here looking for entertainment. I’ve been sucking lately, I know. I just have to do some work, is all – things will return to their usual typographical fervor in time.

Trust me.

7 Replies to “Out of the Blue”

  1. Hey Toren

    When you guys come down to the HPLFF, can you bring a few Hefty bags of various Canadian phamaceuticals? If you want a list, I’ll hit up a few senior citizen centers.

  2. Hmm..how coincidental that Toren knows TWO people named Andria both with the same unsual spelling! I disagree with the above statement about Toren being a prick or an asshole. He seems like a nice enough guy and I wish him the best in the future.

  3. Thank you The Real Andria! You’re a class act. I choose not to waste my time worrying about the previous entries, as I have enough on my plate right now!

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