A List of Formal Grievances with Society

Pet peeves:

Not-ironic bastardization of language, to whit: ‘u’ instead of ‘you’ and hacker terminology – leetspeak or whatever it’s called.

Product packages that without close inspection seem to contain more product than they actually do, such as cream cheese containers with a concave bottom.

99% of advertisements, but especially ones that try to fraternize with me as if my weaknesses are kittens, babies, cool cars, or ‘slutty’ women.

Movies with stories that are not self-contained (Matrix 2, Kill Bill, and yes, on principle this includes Lord of the Rings – I would have preferred it released as one ten-hour movie with a bunch of intermissions. And think of it – it would be better for the cinema because they’d get more concession money).

All the usual – car horns, car alarms, cigarette smoke & smell, spam, and hockey season.

5 Replies to “A List of Formal Grievances with Society”

  1. Ditto on the advertising grievance. I guess I’m just a bad person because I’m not a twenty-something white male with stubble, scruffy hair and a well worn plaid shirt sitting on a couch arguing with my overly hot girlfriend about my choosing a football game over a Jane Eyre-type costume love story on TV. I’m gonna go for a Labbat’s Blue to drown my sorrows.


  2. re movies: you know you can just watch them at home all at once, right? or, if you MUST see it in a theatre, places were showing all of the LOTR at once. you know, nerdy things like that.

  3. you mean your weaknesses are not kittens and hot sexy blondes???? what is wrong wit choo!!!! dang!!!!

  4. re: movies
    then we would have to wait longer for the one big film to be released (i admit, that’s not that big a deal).
    I think people would buy more snacks over three movies vs. one big one. Even IF there was increase in concession sales for the one big show; they would be lost because less people would actually go see one big show…

    my pet peeve is the PSA about people stealing movies… you know the one… with the stunt driver guy. I hate that one ALMOST as much as any movie.com commercial.

    i don’t mind advertisements as long as they entertain me. if they don’t entertain me, then they are either bad commercials, or i’m in the wrong demographic for them.


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