blood bowl

The New York Jets (which I guess is a football team) were unable to book a hotel in Indianapolis for their game this weekend because GenCon (a gaming convention, for you non-nerds) has every room in town booked.

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  1. “I’m here to tell you that athletics takes away funds BADLY needed for science and the arts!”

    “She’s right!”

    “Let’s get ’em!”

    News headline: “Nerds Pummelled”

    Too priceless.

  2. maybe they can stay at the other team’s players’ houses. that would be really cute! then they could build friendships and hang out with the other guy’s family and stuff. OH! i like that idea.

  3. flash gordon was a quarter back for the new york jets (circa 1980)
    when ming makes them (dr zarkov,dale arden & flash) introduce themselves
    flash says “flash gordon ,quarter back ,new york jets!”
    i dont really think ming the merciless is a football fan
    blood bowl maybe
    but not football
    ………sorry im just talkin’

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