Last night I had a dream that I was at a skytrain station next to a mall and I was carrying a bagfull of my favourite dice. This teenager wanted to look at them so I let him grab them, but then he went into the mall and dumped them over the ledge down to the two levels below and I spent the rest of the dream scrounging around looking for them. I found some other dice that weren’t mine, including a rubber cylindrical die that had 6 numbers on each side.

I also had a dream that I was a slave for gladiatorial games in a secret underground complex. I kept trying to escape but the masters were aliens (though they looked human) and whenever you stabbed them or chopped their heads off they’d just go back in a few moments, good as new. Finally I managed to elude them and run into the kitchen – the cook wanted to help me and my companion escape so he told us where to find his truck. We ran out into the garage and I fly his canopied pickup truck (hmm…did I spend too much time in Brian’s truck yesterday?) out into the city full of regular modern human folk. We escaped, but then we got pulled over by one of the aliens but all she did was give us four speeding tickets, then she left.