Speed Lines to SFU

I wonder if anyone would be interested in attending this anime convention which I just discovered. I’m particularly interested in seeing the panels with voice actors and voice directors, but that’s just a small part of the con. There’s also gaming happening, though there seems to be zero structure to it at this point. The bad news is it’s $35 to get in. I am trying to contact the organizers to ask some questions – maybe I can get a deal if I run some Spaceship Zero. It’s August 20-22 which is a little poopy.

One Reply to “Speed Lines to SFU”

  1. Bev and I saw the blurb on this a couple of months ago and have hemmed and hawed, but $35 was a bit much for something of marginal interest. Might do a day thing, but will probably find something even more fun like sleeping in or killin’ things in a console game.

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