Opportunities Squandered.

What’s more annoying than getting a coupon for a free kids movie rental at Rogers and then forgetting to use it before it expires? Well, at least I didn’t leave a package of strawberries in the fridge for so long that they went MOULDY! CHRIS!!!!

I’m starting a habit of putting a batch of stuff on ebay every week. To supplement my income. This week I put a lot of old Arkham Advertisers (Official Magazine of the H.P. Lovecraft Fan Club of the Miskatonic University Press) up. Anghold’s shoes end in an hour or so, and the bid is only up to about ten bucks. That’s sad and alarming, as Ang was hoping to get 30-40 bucks for them. I set the reserve price at $36 so if it doesn’t go up, we don’t have to sell.

3 Replies to “Opportunities Squandered.”

  1. They keep bringing in full sized packages of strawberries and all I can personally consume before they go bad is a small sized package (like a package of blueberries, that size). Hence, mould. If I was a bit more on the ball (which I’m not these days, and won’t be for another couple of months), I’d freeze them.

    So, people, if you’re ever over and there are berries in the fridge, feel free to partake.

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