Did you wreck the car? Did you raise the dead?

Today and yesterday will be forever known as The Two Days of Zombies. In a strange flash of synchronicity, I was invited to a new roleplaying game by Palle, the gm of that Call of Cthulhu campaign that I was in for oh…almost two years. The game is described as “Punk Rockers versus armies of Zombies. 1983. A punk rock dance club in a bad part of East LA, on a hot Friday night.” They system we’re using is FUDGE – which I’ve never played before but apparently used a lot of d6’s. Tonight we’re making up characters. Mine will be modelled after Igby from the movie Igby Goes Down.

The other part of the synchronicity is that last night we had a Zombie-themed TV marathon. We watched the zombie episode of Buffy, the zombie episode of Spaced, the zombie episode of Kolchack, Shaun of the Dead (which I liked a lot better when I saw the whole thing all the way through), Day of the Dead, and the zombie segment of Treehouse of Horror IV. And there were donut holes and watermelon slices, amongst other things.

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  1. for some reason I can’t comment on the “opportunities squandered” post, which is where this should go: I have one of those booklet thingies at rogers and will gladly give you up to three free kids movie rental coupons, which i think will be good till Sept. 30.

  2. I haven’t seen Igby Goes Down, but the trailer was very intruiging when I saw it a few years ago. Do you happen to own it? If so, would I be able to borrow it?

  3. i also want to see igby goes down. and tory, i’m loving the pic. you’re adorable! and so innocent looking!

  4. Shawn of the Dead! I’ve been looking all over for that and it was right under my nose all along! I should have thought about Chris but no. Oh what a fool am I!

    Anyway, can I borrow it sometime?

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