Bar None

Tonight there was a to-do at a bar that I was invited to. Knitting in the Buff took precedence so I gave it a miss. If there was no Buff tonight, there would have been a reasonably good chance that I would have gone to the event (birthday party for a roommate of a friend), but the x-factor was: it was at a bar. It’s no big secret I don’t like bars. I think most of my closest friends feel the same way. Or at least – my true soul mates. There are so many reasons why bars irk me. I could start an itemized list comparing and contrasting, but it would be protracted and cumbersome. I would never organize an event at a bar if I could help it, but I guess I can understand why some people would – you don’t have to clean up after yourself. But with the smell and the noise and having to share space with mutants and the lack of environmental control and the general non-homey feeling, the cons heavily outweigh any pros. Plus bars are invariably downtown — which I am not a fan of, especially at night. I said I wasn’t going to compose a list so I better quit while I’m ahead. Restaurants are better, but I still prefer invading a person’s home over setting foot in a public venue. Plus a home doesn’t have to close at 2am or whatever, and sleepovers are easy!

Moving on….

Knitting in the Buff tonight was comprised of:
Reboot ep 3 “The Quick and the Fed” Dot gets brain-wiped by a magnet
Buffy ep 9 “Nightmares”. Some kid makes everyone’s nightmares become reality.
Look Around You “Water” and “Sulphur” for Janet’s benefit!
Spaced “episode 3” They go to a performance art show. This ep was a bit of a stinker, actually.
Black Books “The Blackout” episode 4. Bernard gets “blanked” and Manny drinks too much coffee.

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  1. A treatise in favour of bars: a word and a phrase.
    Dancing. Getting tarted up (thanet!)

    I’m not a fan of bars in general, but once in a while, it’s mad-fun.

  2. it’s been a while since i’ve traversed here from janet’s site … ha hee hee, well i guess we’re not soul mates then, seeing as i go to bars AND live downtown. that makes me laugh. yes, bars can be insufferable, people sitting in them included, but it’s the contrast in experience i enjoy. a noisy, stinky dark bar and then a frolic in a sunlit woods with birds chirping. and it’s interesting to watch how people interact and behave in different social settings … bars provide a particularly unique experiment. it’s fascinating how people (some people) need bars as an outlet …. and why people crowd themselves in dark, dank places, rubbing sweat with others and dancing and drinking their brains out and being ridiculous and then back to all proper and deodorized the next morning. it’s funny.

    re downtown … sometimes the noise gets to me and all the suburban low-riser boom-box cars in the summer … it’s best in the fall and winter … but i like the close quarters also … that there are always people around, the anonymity (although even this is limited since vancouver isn’t all that big) … also, i like the diversity of communities and peoples here. i don’t want to live in an area where everyone has the same socio-economic status, tastes, race, interests etc. actually, strathcona is my very favourite neighbourhood … artists, social housing, chinese community, students and now yuppies, yes …

    i also like being five minutes away from herons and owls and otters and the ocean and a local bar and restaurants and shops and a community centre and my work.

    but each to their own. i find being in the city good therapy for me, being an introvert … lots of external stimuli to think about and more chance that i’ll interact with people, since they’re everywhere.


  3. Naomi you’re always welcome here.
    I would add that my time with The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets has exacerbated my “problem” with bars, having had to hang around in bars all over this fine country of ours for over a decade now.

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