Sorcerer of Light

I got an email from a fellow at CBC radio who wanted to ask me some questions about D&D for a feature they may run on the 30th anniversary of the game. I may be out of town when and if they do an interview so they may just get David from Imperial Hobbies instead. Too bad, that could be fun. But we had a good long conversation on the phone about the game. We decided it’s really hard to try to explain it to someone who knew nothing about it, but we settled on a blend between a board game and a play. At least I pointed him to the Deadale Wives humourous mp3’s.

Ladies: “if you have any suggestions about female players (not necessarily the ones who play with you) I’d be interested in finding one as a possible balance for a male guest (don’t know the format yet).” Marlo? Tamara? Kate? Michelle? Kelly? Now’s your chance to be famous(ly linked to nerds).

5 Replies to “Sorcerer of Light”

  1. Due to the random order in which you listed your women-gamer friends’ names, I now have a Destiny’s Child song in my head. And once one of those suckers gets in, it stays in.

  2. the one time i was on the radio, i said, “i think that intercultural is a constructive term” a stupendously brilliant observation that it broke down into “Inter, suggesting ‘interaction,’ and cultural suggesting… ” [insert long, uncomfortable pause here] “culture. Um, yeah.”

  3. let’s hope you and marlo can be more eloquent than your silly, tongue-tied, embarrassed across Canada friend.

  4. funny, due to the random order of Toren’s female gamer friends, I now have a New Edition song stuck in my head. Which is even worse when you are forced to consider a time when Bobby Brown didn’t beat women.

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