You dial 9, and then 1, and then when I give the signal, dial 1 again.

Yesterday morning at about 5:30 (of course I was still up, what kind of a question is that?) there was a car accident on the corner 12th & Oak. The worst accidents on that corner always happen between 2am-6am and you can guess why. Because people assume they’re the only ones on the road that early in the morning so they whizzzz around and run lights. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Anyway I poked my head out the window to see one guy crawling out of his car, and then I called 911, which was pretty exciting because I haven’t done that…uh…ever(?). It was funny that I was all nervous and unsure of what to say. They said “911 – do you need police, fire or ambulance” and I said “police and maybe an ambulance.”
What’s happened?”
“Uh, just a car accident at 12th & Oak”
“I’ll put you through to the ambulance.”
She kept her word. The ambulance guy asked if there was anyone pinned or trapped in the vehicle and I said I didn’t know. He thanked me for calling. God bless his heart.