Blogorrhea: More of a Guideline Than a Rule

Just for my own edification I’m going to list what might be some good shows for Knitting in the Buff (besides Buffy).

Reboot. Pro: Broad story arc to follow.
Con: it starts off pretty slow and clunky. Doesn’t really get terribly interesting until the 3rd season; Might not be a favourite for this sophisticated crowd, but it’s only a half hour.

X-Men Evolution. Pro: Broad story arc; Will benefit Marlo in her newfound interest in superhero history. Con: see Reboot.

Black Books. Con: No real story arc. Pro: Hilarious!

Look Around You. Con: No real story arc. Pro: Enjoyable by all and only 9 minutes long.

Samurai Jack. Con: No real story arc; Episodes are hit and miss. Pro: Very easy to watch & entertaining.

The Tick. Con: No real story arc; Pro: Funny and only 22 mins.

The Office. No cons here. Only pros.

Spaced. Cons: takes a bit to get “into”; Lots of pop culture references that only hardcore nerds will get. Pros: The investment pays off.

I will now take suggestions. If I still had Star Trek: The Next Generation on tape we could watch those.

6 Replies to “Blogorrhea: More of a Guideline Than a Rule”

  1. (six feet under. ahem.)
    Otherwise, my vote is for The Office.

    A friend of mine told me there’s a bar downtown devoted to Reboot. And they serve you free popcorn in tinfoil dishes, a la JIffy Pop..

  2. i guess i’m too hardcore nerd because i immediately liked Spaced. the second season took a while to get back up to the level of the first season but overall the show is hilarious. apparently a third season is coming out soon. also the guy from Spaced just did a zombie comedy film. i wish i could remember the name….

  3. Warren: Sean of the Dead. It’s like a modern British sitcom star potpourri.
    Yvonne: A reboot bar? I require more info. One of the cons with “Six Feet Under” is that it would have to be a renter unless somebody has them on tape/dvd.

  4. i want to be a robot! i mean, not permanently. just for pretend. but still. i’d be in for a robot refuelling.

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