Birthday Man, Birthday Man…Does whatever a birthday can

I celebrated my birthday today with a Homer-sized Simpsons cola thanks to Stewie and I watched Spider-Man 2. I liked it, though there was more cheese than the first one. Two interesting musical anecdotes:

One of the best parts in the movie is when Spidey & Doc Ock are fighting (big spoiler there) and the music stops. Quite powerful. Just goes to show that the absence of music can be just as important as its presence.

When the credits came up a big over-produced rock song started and I thought “that singer sure sounds like the guy from Dashboard Confessional.” Sure enough, when the credits got around to the music, there it was. Weird!

Also – is it the fact that I don’t like sushi make me perceive the guy who opened up a package of it and ate it as the movie started as a goon, or would that be a general perception?

Lastly, there is a nice surprise in the opening credits for Chris Woods.

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  1. Happy birthday (one day late sorry)!

    I think it’s acceptable to eat what you like in a movie theatre. better sushi than $10 popcorn!

  2. If I recall, you’re a big fan of sneaking foodstuffs into movie theatres. Weren’t you aiming for a large–sized pizza? That makes the sushi-hounding seem a bit suspect. Nevermind the fact that sushi is delicious.

  3. as long as his cell phone didn’t ring while he was eating sushi then i think the guy is well within his right. at least it doesn’t stink like burger king hamburgers which is something i had to sit behind during one film.

  4. I’m with Toren on the sushi thing. All you folks out there have got to read ‘A Year at the Movies’ by Kevin Murphy (voice of MST3K’s Tom Servo). He smuggled an entire turkey dinnner into a Minneapolis theater and ate it with his family. And when I mean an entire meal, I don’t mean a single serving in a tupperware container, I mean a THREE person serving with all the trimmmings complete with collapsable table. He made a special jacket with a dozen huge pockets and wore the entire meal into the theater. Hilarious reading. Also, would the Spider Man 2 surprise be Krispy Kreme related?

  5. I am a fan of sneaking food into the theater. But then – I am also a goon! It wasn’t really so bad to smell – the sushi – except the pickled ginger was a tad strong. It was just annoying because he was so obviously oblivious (I like that word combo) to any remote breach in etiquette. When I smuggly my entire pizza into the theater – I will not be oblivious to the eti-breach. I will relish it!

    Chris: No – the surprise is NOT Krispy Kreme related.

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