One day until my birthday auction

Can anyone offer suggestions for my poor mum?

I am having trouble, crashing while trying to download almost anything. I have tried to run my scandisk program to fix errors but it only gets up to 10 per cent and quits, it says something is running behind the program and cutting it off. Could it be my Symantec virus protection program? should I disable it and run the scandisk? I am afraid to disable it because I might not enable it again. Help, ask your techie friends could you please. My memory is only half full so I don’t know what the problem is, and it shouldn’t be any virus because I have full symantec’s virus protection. it started when I first came back and re-connected with my server in April,- it especially doesn’t like Pdf files and any picts I try to look at. I did put in Kodak Shareware but that is all. I have avail physical memory 288.00KB and avail virtual memory 1.83 GB. I have Microsoft Windows 4.90.3000 Toshiba Satellite 1730/1750 x86-based PC.
Thanks, Mom

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  1. Hi! I floated on here from Warrens LiveJournal.

    Also, is it crashing because of the download? Or because something else happens at the start of every download? Say, if your mother has a download accelorator, or GetRight, then uninstalled it incorrectly, the PC could still be wanting to use that program, and when it can’t, it crashes. (This is especially true for older versions of Windows).

    Disable the anti-virus. Because it is constantly scanning the drive, the scandisk has to fight for time for each file.

    Then, once the anti-virus scans a file, it changes the file, so scandisk has to re-check it.
    Enter the loop.
    There should also be no problem about disabling the anti-virus, as you’re just stopping it running, for the moment. So long as you don’t uninstall it, it’ll will come back to life next time you reboot.

    That also sounds like (i’ll assume) Internet Explorer has a fault in it. If scan-disk doesn’t fix it, then my suggestion is an reinstallation of IE. Always fun, especially to the computer-illterate.

    Hope it helps!

  2. It’s almost certainly spyware of some sort. Install Spybot ( ) and let it find and remove all the spyware she has. Unfortunately, to get it, she’ll have to download it, so someone else will have to get it for her and burn it to a CD.

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