2 Days Until Birthday Auction

I usually do a drawing anywhere from 120%-133% of the size it will appear in print. Sometimes even up to 150% or more if it’s a monster. The drawing I did today I did at 100% because I wanted to make sure I got it done on time. I got it done with time to spare – enough time to play some poker with Y, A and Stewie. When we quit I had the most money. And in this case money = beads. Next time we may play for real pennies.

We finished up the second chapter to World Wildlife Federation of Justice tonight. Metalligator (Norm), Invisible Fink (James) and Bushido Dragon (Mike Demers) tracked the stemroid dealer’s goon to the stemroid lab that is run by Fatcat. At the lab they found several other armed goons and also a supervillain – Tarmadillo, which they fought and after much fighting managed to take down. Invisible Fink followed Fatcat and his goons down to their car and kept them from escaping while the cops showed up. The heroes did a good job and the game was a lot of fun. Metalligator spent time ripping doors off of walls and throwing them at bad guys, as well as smashing through walls 2 stories up, Bushido tried to intimidate immoral chemists, and the Fink slid down stairs on his own musky grease. We’ll play again in less than 2 weeks for a brand new adventure, possibly with Jeff, Theo, Kate and/or Miikey joining in. I think Theo’s character is going to be Drako (some kind of fire-breathing duck) and Jeff’s will be Rabbit Punch (martial artist).

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    for lack of yet wangling the RSS feed of your blog to my livejournal (truthfully, I’ve been otherwise occupied and largely AFK) it seems that I missed all announcement of yr party until it already occurred. You seem to have had a good one, so, euh… hope you didn’t have /too much/ fun without me. If you did, I don’t want to hear about it. Cheers.

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