Yet another in a long line of brilliant ideas. I wish I was writing these down.

I worked like a monkey today (yesterday, technically) to get the drawing I was working on done, so that I could go swimming with Y and A. (I’m not using those acronyms to anonymize Yvonne and Anghold. I’ve seen that on other blogs and it’s stupid. I’m doing it here because I was too lazy to type out their full names and if you keep reading you would see exactly who I went swimming with. Anyway that is all Pepsi under the bridge now.) While I worked I watched the first 10 or so episodes of the Dungeons and Dragons cartoons. I thought it might be really fun to run a campaign where the characters recreate the series. I wouldn’t make the players be Hank and Eric and Sheila and all the rest – I’d let them be any modern day characters of any age, gender, etc. They could even play themselves. It doesn’t matter who they are – the commonality is that they go through the D&D ride at the carnival in “our world” and end up trapped in the D&D realm. I would assign them their character classes (after a short discussion with the players about what classes they definitely did not want to play) and give them their fantastic weapons. They would go up against Venger and Tiamat but there would be no Uni. There probably would be some other NPC (and maybe it would be a pet – but not Uni). I wouldn’t necessarily strictly follow each episode’s story exactly, but the gist of it would be intact, and the best part is, after you’ve played the scenario we could all watch the episode it was based on and compare!

The pitfalls include a few notable shortcomings in the writing of the series. For example – if Sheila has the cloak that makes her invisible, why would she ever take it off during combat? She does that all the time in the cartoon. Truth is – I wouldn’t use the same weapons. I think I would keep Presto’s magic hat and throw out the rest. That’s where the Artifacts of the Ages book from Green Ronin would come in handy. And I would probably use Monte Cook’s Arcana Unearthed rules as well (nerds).

I think that would be a lot of fun. Too bad there’s no room to fit it into my schedule. I’m already being badgered to pick up the Freeport campaign that has been put on hold in favour of the World Wildlife Federation of Justice game.

Well – sun’s coming up. Time to go to bed. Janet’s probably just getting up about now. Pray for her and lost computer files.

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  1. actually, i did wake up at around 3 a.m. last night/this morning. My eyes popped open in fear and somehow I had it in my head that by sitting straight up in bed, I could protect the CDs from getting deleted. I realize that makes no sense. I make no apologies. I fell back asleep shortly afterward… phew! see you later, CDs.

  2. maybe we could do that next year, after the ladies’ campaign! except we wouldn’t play it for an entire year, because that would be insane.

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