Dare to Dream

This morning I dreamt that I was visiting my old work place – The Book Man in Chilliwack – and after saying hi to everyone I noticed that there was a group of people there who were looking through various books. They were from a sanitarium from which an inmate recently escaped, and were doing research in order to figure out how he could have done it. When the store closed, they all left and they asked me if I’d come with them to help. So I went back to the sanitarium and on the way in I looked at all the crazy people and noticed one guy who was wrapped up in bandages. The staff and I all sat around a table and looked at plans of the grounds and discussed how he could have got out (tunneling, being shot out of a cannon, etc). Then I had an epiphany and asked if there were any inmates who had undergone surgery or had other kinds of medical attention. He directed me to the guy with all the bandages and we took the bandages off to find that he was the supposed fugitive. Then I dreamt I went back to Amber’s place to visit her and her parents (Amber’s dad Dave owns The Book Man) and I had to go pee really badly – but I couldn’t find the bathroom so I went in a linen closet. Of course then I woke up finding I really had to go to the terlet.

I also dreamt that I was moving out and I found a use for the two little cases that Anghold brought over last night – I packed CDs in them. Which in reality would be stupid.

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  1. I dreamt I still worked at Starbucks but I was all confused about my schedule because I couldn’t figure out how I was fitting it in with working at JC Word at the same time.

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