Garage Sale Booty

I completely forgot about garage sailing yesterday, but I made up for it today. I got 1 t-shirt, 1 long sleeve, and 1 hoodie for a total of $5; Pay It Forward and Star Trek: First Contact on vhs for $1 each; 8 blank (or soon to be) vhs tapes for 0.25 each; and a book on horses that has a couple choice photos in it for $1. Considering that I’m using up a lot of my good horse photos for the 4 bloody different steeds I’m drawing for the Cavalier’s Handbook at the moment, that’s good.

2 Replies to “Garage Sale Booty”

  1. I got 2 dining room chairs for 5 dollars, that’s 2.50 each, not bad, real wood, I am in the process of recovering them with some fabric I’ve had lying around for about
    10 years. A chip off what old block…..X’s,

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