Today I must draw. I haven’t drawn since Thursday and that’s bad. Last night I had another mini-painting potluck. We also watched the last episode of Justice League. It was a 3-parter and they showed all 3 parts in a row, which was good. The episode itself was pretty good. Actually, it was very good compared to most episodes of JL. I want to do a nitpicker’s guide to Justice League, but of course I won’t. Anyway I painted a bunch of figures as did Norm, Kelly & Paul, Stewie, Chris Gibbons, James, Jon, but not Marlo. Kelly brought over cake and I made pancakes with banana, strawberries, raspberries, and little Reese peanut butter chips in them – which were quite good. On the weekend I got a bunch of Warhammer 40,000 stuff from a garage sale for 12.00 and change. The best part was the paint set and the little cardboard buildings. So I painted a couple of the miniatures that came with that. After everyone left Anghold came over and we watched two more episodes of Six Feet Under. It’s quite good. I think that’s the way to watch TV shows – wait for them to get released on DVD. No commercials, no waiting another week to see what happens. Of course that doesn’t do much for their ratings so if everyone did that the show would never get a second season, but if I thought that my input actually made a difference in the world of tv-making then I would be concerned. And also I’d have my own show.