Members of Congress were given a private viewing of unreleased photographs and videos from the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq; some showed Pfc. Lynndie England having sex with other soldiers in front of prisoners; other images showed prisoners cowering before attack dogs, Iraqi women being forced to expose their breasts, naked prisoners tied up together, prisoners being forced to masturbate, and a prisoner repeatedly smashing his head against a wall. “It was pretty disgusting, not what you’d expect from Americans,”

Oh sure it is. It doesn’t matter what country you are from. People of any nationality, any religious upbringing, any race – we are all capable of the lowest acts of depravity to the ultimate acts of kindness & self-sacrifice.

An American businessman named Nick Berg was decapitated on video by Iraqi militants.

That just supports my point.

Rumsfeld, who this week made a surprise visit to Abu Ghraib prison, compared the Iraq war to the American Civil War and said that “the carnage was horrendous, and it was worth it.”

The Bin Laden Construction group was selected to build the world’s tallest skyscraper in Dubai. “Nothing good or just can be built on the destruction or suffering of others,” said President Bush at a commencement address

Ummm…think about what you just said there, dum-dum….

Homosexuals were lining up to get married in Massachusetts, and President Bush again called for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

There’s a lot of flag burners
Who’ve got too much freedom
I wanna make it legal for
policemen to beat ’em
I’m an amendment-to-be
And I hope one day they’ll ratify me

Australia’s treasurer promised to pay $2,000 for every child born in the country; “You go home,” he said, “and do your patriotic duty tonight.”

Would that pay for airfare? And now, the sciences:

Scientists reported that the amount of sunshine that reaches the surface of the earth has dropped significantly in recent decades. An EPA study found that household “air fresheners” could be causing a carcinogenic smog in people’s homes, and the World Wildlife Fund said that world cod stocks could be wiped out by 2020. Mammals that live in colder climates benefit from having a large penis, scientists said, and trillions of 17-year cicadas were preparing to swarm, mate, and die in the Eastern United States.