For the benefit of those bored readers like Marlo & Yvonne I’ll post some interesting tidbits from my past involving rodents.

When I was a wee lad – I guess 11-14 years of age – I rescued a mouse from our cat. I don’t remember the cat’s name. It may not have had a name apart from “kitty.” It was a calico cat and I was very fond of it. We were living on a farm at the time and it wasn’t allowed inside the house, so sometimes on rainy days or cold days I would go out onto the porch with a big puffy jacket and put her in the jacket (while I was wearing it) and slip my arms out of the sleeves and pet her for a while. Once she caught a mouse and my brother and I saw it. Often she would, as many cats do, leave her kills (mice, voles, moles, birds) on the doorstep as little offerings. This time she was still playing with it, and we forced her mouth open and took the vermin. We put it in a box and brought it into my brother’s room. It wasn’t moving – we weren’t sure if it was at death’s door or not. We brought it some cheese (of course) and tried to nurse it back to health. It must have just been in shock because after a couple minutes it completely regained its strength as if nothing had happened and shot all over the room on its tiny legs. We managed to catch it again and release it outside, presumably far away from kitty.

So that’s a happy story, and here’s a sad one. In Chilliwack, while we were living on the army base (this happens before the above story by several years). I had a friend whose name was Shawn. Shawn’s parents were hippies, I think, and he called his father by his father’s real name, not “Dad” which was weird to me. Sean had a pet gerbil. I was over at his house once and he left me in his room while he was doing some chore or something so I brought the gerbil out of the cage. He always tried to get away from me (and with good cause as it turns out) so I held it by the tip of its tail so it couldn’t get away. Not to be beaten, the damn thing pulled so hard that the tip of its tail popped off leaving me with a little bloody stump. I don’t think I fessed up because I remember being confronted with the gerbil in front of Shawn’s dad and I was asked to leave. I don’t think I was allowed over to Shawn’s house anymore

Did I already tell the story of my brother’s rat – the one with an infected leg?

I’m finished my tight deadline now so I actually have time to see a movie at…Tinseltown! Showtimes are for May 14, 2004 to May 20, 2004

Good Bye Lenin! 14A 121 mins
Fri-Thu: 12:30 4:05 7:05 9:45

I’m Not Scared PG 108 mins
Fri-Thu: 2:40 7:35

Main Hoon Na 14A 100 mins
Fri-Thu: 12:00 4:00 8:00

The Corporation PG 165 mins
Fri-Thu: 12:10 3:55 7:00 10:10

The Delicate Art of Parking PG 87 mins
Fri-Thu: 12:35 3:30 5:30 7:50 10:00

The Punisher 18A 124 mins
Fri-Thu: 4:40 9:50

Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion PG 104 mins
Fri-Thu: 2:15 7:25