If you’re going to play WWFJ on Saturday at Drexoll’s then don’t read this.

Last night we played my anthropomorphic animal superhero game. Gabriel R. Bonesnapper III, a psychiatrist alligator, was having dinner in Little Italy with some friends. Afterwards, he took a stroll towards midtown. He didn’t know it, but he was being followed by an invisible sneak thief. Suddenly he came across the scene of a crime – an armored car was being raided by a group of rats in motorcycle suits, armed with guns. He arrived just as the guards – two dogs – were shot point blank in the chest. He ducked behind a dumpster to transform into – METALLIGATOR! He literally leaped into action, causing a shockwave with his mighty stomp that knocked down several of the rats, and also shattered quite a few windows in the bank nearby. Suddenly, another superhero, who was patrolling the area, showed up – Go-Rilla, the speedster ape. Together they started knocking heads together but suddenly rat reinforcements came on speedbikes, and brandishing UZIs. They also noticed that some of the litter of cash was floating up and disappearing, as if being pocketed by an invisible sneak thief! Out of nowhere this large oil slick appeared in the area, and they saw the invisible fink skating along away from the scene of the action. Go-Rilla created a sonic boom while Metalligator grabbed motorcycles and tossed them around like playthings. Car alarms were going off and dust devils of loose bills were swept up in Go-Rilla’s wake. They noticed that the rats seemed to be acting strange – as if they were invincible when clearly they were just high, no doubt from the new street drug ‘stemroids.’ The police arrived and that was when Go-Rilla started scouring the area at super speed for clues. He found an ‘entertainment token’ near one of the rat-punk’s bodies, and also stumbled across a rat counting piles of money – this was the Invisible Fink! Go-Rilla created a whirlwind around the Fink but the Fink created another oil slick and the speedster lost his footing. The Fink turned back invisible and started climbing down. By pure luck Metalligator happened to almost bump into the Fink on the way down, and tried to give him a tail slap, but even after Go-Rilla tried to choke the area with tear gas borrowed from the police, the Fink got away with only one hundred dollar bill.

The police (a cat team) took statements from the heroes, realized that the window damage was caused by the fight, and that Metalligator lied about it. They asked for the heroes names and address of residence, to which the heroes declined. This left the police to take them downtown for questioning, at which point the heroes skedaddled.

The whole session went pretty well, and the rules seemed fine overall. Norm played Metalligator, Stewie played Go-Rilla and James played Invisible Fink. This was the playtest for Saturday’s game. James played a character who was not at all heroic, so that made things a little more…interesting. This was their very first experience as super-heroes, so they don’t have much of a reputation as of yet, but despite the fact that they foiled a robbery, the police are none too happy about the damage done plus the fact that one of the security guards bled to death on the scene during the fight. Also – they are wanted for questioning. Of course, the police have only heard third hand information about this invisible criminal from the two superheroes.

On Saturday Martin will be playing Master Spine (a porcupine with astral projection), Denzil will be playing Pengun (a penguin with matter creation powers), Jon will be playing Invincibull (a bull with invincibility, obviously!) and Liam will be playing Flame-ingo (flamingo with fire powers).