Today I played tennis, at UBC I experienced my first piano recital, and I cleaned out the hall closet, discovering some old doublemint gum in a jacket pocket–still good.

News snippets from the past week: US: It was reported that more than $5 billion in antiterrorism money for local governments and agencies has been held up by red tape, and that last year the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control assigned only four employees to work on terrorist cases; in contrast, almost two dozen were investigating violations of the Cuban embargo. Since 1990, the office has opened 93 investigations into terrorist finances and 10,683 relating to Cuba. California banned Diebold’s electronic voting machines, and experts said that the United States is losing its dominance in science and technology. Scientists developed a type of computer made of DNA that they hope could someday diagnose and treat diseases from inside the particular human cells that require treatment. Researchers discovered a molecule, used by some cancer tumors, that prevents cells from dying. Archaeologists found an underground Egyptian maze filled with mummies, and scientists discovered that women tend to marry men who look like their fathers. A Russian museum of erotica announced an exhibit featuring Grigory Rasputin’s penis.