While I was watching the recital at UBC, I started daydreaming about putting on a play. Today I was talking to James aboot it and I came up with an idea for a sort of guerrilla theater. Basically, we would write a play – a little on the improvy side but still with definite characters and a storyline. There wouldn’t be any set dressing but there could be props & costumes. The venue would change from week to week and in fact we wouldn’t make arrangements with the venue – we’d just figure out when a venue – like let’s say the Havana Theater or the stage we watched the recital at the UBC Music Hall or whatever – and then announce on our website what time the play starts. There would be no charge to see the play, but if it lasted the full length then we’d take donations. If the manager or the venue asked what the hell was going on, we’d incorporate that into the performance. In fact – the subject of the play could be guerrilla theater, and trying to set it up. It would be like a documentary in play form about the subject of the play. META!! I think it would be fun and if it got shut down – well nobody is out their $10.