"Perpetual" WWFJ – The Game

World Wildlife Federation of Justice

Yes…you want to play my superanimal game – I know you do.

Chris made up Go-Rilla, the ape with super-speed.
David Bradley is working on Major Ursa, a bear with powers from the North Star itself.
Denzil has an idea for Pen-gun
and Martin has a porcupine geneticist character that I don’t really get.
James has some kind of boar idea that’s a bit shakey….

I’ve got some adventures and bad guys all lined up though. I’ve changed the lineup of the major bad guy team (I’m sure there will be more than one bad guy team – these guys may actually turn out to be the minor bad guy team, it’s too early to say). Rhinosferatu of course, and Hypnopotamus. I’m not sure if I’m going to stick with Elongator and Elephantom on the team. Tarmadillo is going on for sure, though. Possibly Laardvark & Invisibull, but I’ve not decided.

The good guys will be part of a Justice League-type organization – the WWFJ (title of this post). So the player characters will start off as independents and the idea is they will earn their membership into the Federation. That way, you know…they’ll have a pension. There are six “big league” members of the WWFJ, and they are:

Astromandrill, cosmic-powered ape from another world (think Superman mixed with Silver Surfer)
Porcules, swine of legend (think Thor and Hercules)
The Llamazonian, warrior-woman with an enchanted bow. (Wonder Woman meets Green Arrow or Hawkeye)
Gnucleus, the radioactive gnu (uh…yeah)
Octopussycat, mistress of a thousand squid-gadgets (Like Batman – she’s got the Octomobile and the utility belt and all the rest)
Pandroid, robotic panda from the future
The Great Wolverini, master of the mystic arts (Dr. Strange or Dr. Fate knock-off)

The player characters themselves will be very lucky to interact with this major players in the superhero world.

And, I bought a new VCR today – it has “commercial skip” which I’m pretty excited about.

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  1. YES! I want to play it. who publishes it, where can I buy it, is it available for download.I’ve GOT TO KNOW

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