I had a superfun time last night watching Day of the Wacko and Schizopolis at Janet’s with Marlo, Stinky, Yvonne, Naomi, John and Brian (and Janet). We had a break between films for Falafel Magic and I had one of my favourite meals in the whole wide world – the Veggie Lover. And it’s true what they say – everybody needs a good veggie lover. What an enjoyable film Schizopolis is, I highly recommend it, and I was overdue to see it a second time. It makes you laugh, it makes you think. We also talked about owls (see Naomi’s blog) and hockey (I used to play Chicago when I played the video game back in 93-94 and I was unbeatable for a while there) and Marlo’s boobies (they come up often).

I also stopped by Drexoll’s to buy a bard miniature for Fairfax the NPC in the Wednesday girl game of D&D. I need to have another miniature painting party right after Con Fu. I also talked to Jeremy at the Comicshop about the live action game his group is running on the Friday of Con Fu and it’s a shame more people aren’t signed up – it sounds interesting! Go sign up!