“I mean, where are the unicorns? Come on!”

I get flack from time to time when I tell people that I don’t believe in the human soul. Some people can’t believe that I actually believe that, but I do. As far as I’m concerned, human perception, memory, et al is nothing more than a collection of chemicals and electricity. It’s a pretty damn amazing and sophisticated system of chemicals and electricity, for sure, but from where I’m standing it’s perfectly reasonable to assume that it’s nothing more. Isn’t it possible that bags of organic matter can become self-aware over the course of four BILLION years? Must they have some soul (which I equate basically with magic) breathed into them by some mysterious higher power? We’re not that different from monkeys, who are not that different from rodents, who are not that different from insects, who are not that different from amoeba, who are not that different from plants. Do they all have souls? And if they don’t, what makes us so special? We’re all made up of the same gunk, after all. As Bjork almost said – how Lovecraftian of me.

What’s interesting is that, historically, it’s very rare that I offer up my beliefs vocally or in print, for the simple reason that 99% of the time people look at me like I’m nuts. But maybe, just maybe, more people than I think share my point of view. Here’s your chance to neatly encamp yourself in one or another category, in a completely good natured, non-judgmental and non-adversarial way.

Naomi————Warren (leaning)
Mike T

Comment with the side you’re on and I’ll modify the entry to get a big fat list.

And let’s be clear: I do respect the beliefs of others. Maybe I do have a soul, I don’t know for sure. I’m not trying to belittle or poke fun. I’m just interested in how my beliefs measure up to yours. And maybe my definition of soul is way off the mark from yours. Tell me about it.