HOLY CRAP! I finally got my archives working (more or less). Take advantage of them while you can! None of the images will work as they’ve been long deleted from my server space, though.

Marlo custom-made me a CD to play during D&D combat. It’s great! The best songs are from the Predator movies. Predator has a really bitchin’ soundtrack, I gotta say. And I just did! And copies are going for $100 US on ebay so it’s out of my price range. I finished running “Cradle of Madness” – a D&D scenario from Dungeon Magazine #87 for James, Norm et al tonight, and it very nearly killed them all. If I had run it as written, they would probably all be dead. It said the room would collapse in 3 rounds for 20d6 damage (that’s a lot, kids!) and I decided that was a bit excessive, since it pretty much would take 2-3 rounds just to get out of the room. So I fudged the rules and the party survived. When the new adventure book Black Sails Over Freeport comes into my hands I am going to run it next month; The characters are exactly the levels they need to be for it.