Oh, Rebecca….

I work as a massage therapist. I just recently had my initiation into the bisexual world and I totally enjoy it. I still love a good guy too but I am very eager to get to know otherlesbian girls.
I am very friendly, very fit and very loving. I love just about anything outdoors but can spend hours and hours in bed. I love being with girls and guys alike. I am looking for a very sexual person.
If this sounds good to you then maybe I am your girl. Love Rebecca
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I saw Mystic River today. Do let it pass you by. Disjointed and a little directionless. Just like me, and the rest of this blog entry: I was playing D&D all through the Oscars. I got a new sweater from Value Village. I find myself eating trail mix because I can’t think of anything to have for dinner that is low in carbs, fats, sugars, and less than 6 bucks. Suggestions?