Fowa suppa, I er uh…want a pahty plattah!

I wish Big Trouble in Little China was a better movie. It has its moments, but it could be better. Anghold convinced me to come to Goquitlam for a sleepover last night. I did, but I brought all my drawing stuff (well not all of it) with me. She went to part of Yvonne’s birthday celebration night, which I regret missing (especially the bowling part), but paid the price for eating at the Buddhist vegetarian restaurant (this only became evident at 4 in the morning, while I was sound asleep. Also sight asleep). We made salsa & guacamole & vegetable platters for some other thing she’s going to tonight. And I watched the last half of Star Trek: The Motion Picture on Space (non-Canadian readers: it’s our version of the Sci Fi Network). They said something in the movie like “it’s what they used to call black holes” which took me aback, as I’m quite certain they reference black holes in later Star Trek canon. There were also a few things about the movie that struck me as odd, but I guess that goes for everyone, no?

So I have to tell you all about Mac’s coffee services. But first I have to tell you how I found out about it/them. I went on a date with this gal I met on one of them thar online dating services. She’s nice and everything and is enthusiastic which is always nice, but it’s come to my attention that we have nothing in common. Also she does a lot of drugs, which contrary to popular belief, is not cool. So I probably won’t be seeing her again. But on our second (and last) date, I was thirsty and Mac’s was nearby. You know Mac’s: the 24 hour convenience store that is like a more pleasant version of 7-11. I was just going to get a Stewart’s cream soda but I noticed that in Mac’s they have 6 different kinds of syrups (like those you get at Starbucks for 60 cents a shot or whatever) to put in your coffee for free. I don’t know how the coffee itself tastes, but I wasn’t going to pass on the opportunity to try out a small hot chocolate with shots of all 6 of the flavours (except the irish cream which they ran out of). Well it was easily the best hot chocolate I have ever had in my life. When Ang & I drove by another Mac’s last night, I repeated the sensation. So next time you’re near a Mac’s check that out.

Who made lentil dahl yesterday? I made lentil dahl yesterday. For obvious reasons.