Ummmm yeah.

On an unrelated note: We had a virtual meeting of the Vancouver Gaming Guild movers and shakers today. It looks like Con Fu may be a 3-day con, but that is not confirmed yet. As USUAL, a certain PERSON who KNOWS WHO HE IS couldn’t resist going “whoop whoop!” before an official announcement is made. Not that it makes any difference.

Okay so here’s a story that I’ve been meaning to write down, blog-wise. I hope I haven’t already done so.

I was walking down 4th Ave probably 2 weeks ago. But wait – there’s more! Now, you can imagine that there are other people on the sidewalk, as there is wont to be on a typical city street like 4th Ave. And you will also know what it’s like to do the little dance where you walk up to someone who is coming right at you, and there is that moment of indecision, on both parts, as to who will go left and who will go right. Happens all the time, and it’s pretty much consistent that the worst it can play out is that the two of you will stop walking before you collide, and make some kind of mutual arrangement in the span of a second or so. Well, I’ve always imagined a situation where two people walk up to their exact counterparts and they can never pass eachother, because they each step towards the road, then step towards the storefronts, then step back, then cross their arms, then try again – forever in tandem and unable to pass one another like a man and his reflection. Sounds like a Chinese folk tale. Anyway, back to 4th Ave. There I was walking down the sidewalk (possibly minding my own business but I can’t remember, I might have been minding your business) and there was a couple approaching me – a guy probably in his late 20’s, and a girl about the same age. When I walked towards them I veered left, away from the girl and around the guy (I’ll call him Awnjdv) so that they would stick together as we passed. Awnjdv on the other hand, he veered right, away from the girl as well. So here we were veering away from the girl and both towards one another. I knew if I kept veering towards the street he would stop doing likewise because he was just getting farther and farther away from the girl. I mean, how often when you’re with a friend do you make room for strangers between you over making room by scooching close together? Common sense, right? Well, I was wrong because we (me and Awnjdv) finally and resolutely slammed together with our chests and shoulders. Now me, being me, found no small amount of joy in the comical slapstickiness of it all. I managed to get a “sorry” out as I laughed and moved on. Awnjdv, on the other hand, yelled “FUCK!”* rather loudly as he kept on walking. So, I hereby deem him to be Asshole-With-No-Joie-De-Vivre (AWNJDV).

*possibly more but that’s all I was able to make out clearly.