A Stamos-neutralizing idea!

And I thought it was junk mail. I got a letter from the war amps. Once in a while I throw a couple US dollar bills in an envelope and send it off to them. So when I got something in the mail from them I thought it was just another “got anymore cash for us?” form. But instead it was my address label stickers “order.” The second best part about them is that they’ve got a picture of Astar the Robot on them. The first best part of them is that I forgot that I had put “Cloney McStudent” in the name field when I ordered them, so now I’ve got about 60 address labels for Cloney McStudent at my home address. That had me giggling like an idiot for a full minute. That’s one giggle per label, people! Well worth it.

I thought of another good irony today: I don’t know the origin of the word etymology.