Smart is sexy, don’t you agree?

I like having friends who are smarter than me. It keeps me on my toes.* It’s actually not that hard to do. Oh, muffin, I have my occassional clever idea here and there, but generally I am akin to a post, smarts-wise. The point is this: I have added a few new co-blogger links to the left. Michael Tice is an old friend who lives in Californ-i-a. He is a Lovecraft fan, is a lot of fun (to my knowledge) and is probably the smartest guy I know. He has a lovely and very talented wife, Rebecca, and I wished I lived closer to them (or vice-versa). Secondly, Janet is someone I’ve never met, and I know through Marlo, and again – smart as a whip.

Also, if you’re looking through comments and somebody’s comment doesn’t make sense because it seems to reference another comment that doesn’t seem to be there – it’s because Kirsten taught me how to delete comments. Mwoo-hahahah. Take that, anonymous posters. That’s right – anonymous posting bothers me that much.

*plus hanging around brainiacs and asking lots of questions is a lot easier than reading those dusty old books.