Don We Now Our Gay Apparel

I got socks for Christmas! Stripey socks! Huzzah!

I am typing this from the home of Anghold, though it won’t get posted until I
get back home. I realized today that my cold has been gone for a while. Funny
how quickly you forget something was wrong with your body when it stops being
wrong. WRONG!!!

I’m helping to make the December 25th dinner. We’re having tofurkey with all
the tofrimmings.

Now comes the list of all the Christmas swag I got (not including cards):

Stewie got me a bunch of miniatures suitable for Spaceship Zero. They’re fantastic and maybe I’ll take the time over the holidays to paint a couple. There are doctors and space pirates and guys in space suits. Some females mixed in the bunch, which is swellariffic. He also got me a book on the making of The Big Lebowski – one of my favouritest films.

Anghold and Hoolie got me an amazing comforter, which blew my mind and is going to go on my bed the minute I get home. Kodos will be excited. I also got the stripey socks in my stocking (socks within socks it’s like some crazy moebius strip) along with a much-needed toothbrush and some licorice flavoured twizzlers to negate the toothbrushing. And earplugs and lip balm and chocolates. I also got a bookmark – you know…for marking books!

What did you get?