Holiday Cats

Does anyone know when or if (or what) episode 87 of Cold Squad is on? Apparently “Dies ist Unverschamtheit” is being used in the episode. In other Thickets news…”Shoggoths Away” is being used in a Flash promo for a game called The Everlasting. I don’t know much about it, but I probably should.

I’m taking care of Ed & Janet’s cat while they’re on vacation. I get to take advantage of Ed’s vast video and DVD collection. Right now I’m borrowing Boogie Nights, Ghost World and Monty Python’s Meaning of Life while I work on Anghold’s Dec 25 present.

Did I ever tell you the story, gentle reader, of when I took care of Carina & Tim’s cats while they were away, a few weeks ago? Well they had The Temple of Elemental Evil (hey! synchronicity!) on their computer so whenever I went over there to feed the cats I would stay for a few hours and play said video game. Of course, I would never pick up the phone while I was there because, hey – it wasn’t for me. You all know my hours. I usually stay up until sometime between 3am and 6am, and such was also the case at Carina’s. When Carina & Tim got back from their vacation they told me they got all these noise complaints from a neighbor, and were being threatened with eviction. Now I couldn’t see how anyone could say that I was being noisy – I was playing the game at a normal volume level. Sometimes I kept the TV on when I wasn’t there, so that, you know…burglers would think twice if they looked through the windo. But again, normal volume. If not quieter than normal. Still, I was afraid Carina and Tim were never going to speak to me again, but as it turns out, the lady was crazy. And also it was somebody else in the building who was making the noise she was complaining about. And also the landlord apologized for overreacting. So everything turned out fine and they even invited me over to Tim’s birthday get-together the other day. And that’s my story.