Meme Me

Marlo made me post one of those silly internet surveys. With her guile, she did it. It contains information both trite and inspired. Read at your own risk. I promise a real entry will be made soon.

1. I am happiest when: I’m connecting with someone (usually emotionally AND physically) that I really care about.
2. I feel lonely when: I browse personals sites
3. The ideal relationship would be: soon – haha.
4. Favorite movie (s): Coen Brothers films, Wes Anderson films, Hayao Miyazaki films, and the movies in my head.
5. Favorite author: H.P. Lovecraft – duh!
6. What makes you cry: movies – especially with sad music; other things I’d rather not go into right now but that thankfully are rare; being bitten by the inland taipan snake.
7. Introvert or extrovert: Introvert
8. Do you think too much: Sometimes. But most of the time I don’t think enough.
9. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be: Doesn’t matter. More importantly is with whom.
10. A famous person you would like to meet: Chris Stewart. Anyone who’s not a jerk, I guess. Any of a myriad of artists better than me who could teach me a thing or two.
11. Do you believe in organized religion: I believe it exists.
12. Pro-life or pro-choice: Pro-common sense and foresight.
13. Are you a vegetarian: Sometimes.
15. Do angels or demons exist: IN MY PANTS!
17. Do you have any regrets: I sure do!
18. Sex or love: Love with a side order of sex.
19. Favorite coffee: Is there a coffee that doesn’t taste like coffee?
20. Brand of cigarettes: The brand that when you smoke money falls from the sky.
21. Favorite scent: Wood being burnt or cut – which is a terrible thing because wood being burnt or cut makes me sad (but not cry!)
22. What really makes you mad: commercials. Especially asinine commercials that I’m paying to have shown to me; Bureaucracy; forgetting how to spell “bureaucracy”
23. Favorite way to waste time: Sleeping is the only real waste of my time besides the time I spend focusing on things I can never have.
26. What is your best quality: My notable absence from high society.
27. Are you currently in love/lust: Yes.
28. What’s the craziest thing you have ever done: Um – started a Lovecraftian punk band? I’ve lived the same place for 7 years – that’s pretty crazy, and kind of sad.
30. Any bad habits: Obviously.
31. Do you find it hard to trust people: No.
32. Do you ever doubt yourself: Never. Or, actually, maybe I do.
33. Last book you read: It’s been too long since I read a book all the way to the end. I may have a problem.
34. Last thing you bought for yourself: fancy pens.
36. Favorite season: Fall. The “windy, orange” season
37. Porn or erotica: Can I choose erotica with photos/illustrations/video?
38. What is your favorite flavor: licorice; almost anything found in an Indian restaurant.
39. What is your favorite time of day: when the sun is setting and casting orange light on the clouds and tall buildings, which then reflects onto the street and all the people (especially if it happens to be windy). About a month or 2 ago the sky was filled with dark, low clouds, but the sun got through somewhere and reflected off the clouds to create a surreal, twilight-zonish suffused light that soaked into everyone on Oak Street. It was cool and I’d never seen anything quite like it before.
40. Gold or silver: potato.
41. What is the lamest pickup line someone has used on you: I don’t remember anyone ever using a pickup line on me. If they did, I probably wouldn’t have been able to tell. I am dense.
42. Silk sheets or cotton: potato.
43. Any secret crushes: Probably not-that-secret.
44. Do you ever feel you are insane: Once or twice I thought I was having a brain failure, but I wouldn’t classify that as insanity (yet).
45. Favorite style of music: good
46. Favorite film genre: good
47. If you could be the opposite sex for one day, would you do it: Absolutely. Unless there was some horrible ironic twist, like I was a woman without any fun bits, or I was a woman in a country where women are subjugated and treated like shit.
48. What do you desire most in life: to bring the most amount of joy to the people who most deserve it; to open/loosen up; to not have a horrible horrible disease; to accomplish many fun and exciting things.
49. Do you believe in destiny: I believe that if you fall, it is your destiny to hit the ground.
50. Is world peace attainable: Yes, in batches.
51. City or country: First city, then country. Then maybe city again. Then country?
52. Are you more inclined to set short or long term goals for yourself?: Short.

Feel free to cut and paste with your own answers (you may have to break it up if you want to post it in my comments, otherwise please send me a link to where I can read it.