A Wee Christmas Party

I edited my wish list – added those black VHS cases you can get at London Drugs etc for…I dunno – I suspect 1.99 each (or less). I want to tidy up my video collection, you see.

The Temple of Gingerbread Evil

Last night we had a very small Snuggly Winter Get-Together/potluck right here at Home Base 302. I provided many nuts and oranges, as well as drinks. Yvonne arrived while I was at Sunshine Market and she made what I consider to be the finest dish hands down. I said hands down! Alright? Not that the other food was poo or anything, but I gotta tell ya, brown sugary yams with ginger and almonds. Tasty, tasty and tasty. Mr. Slater (aka cas) and Kathryn (aka kstanger) arrived from the depths of Langley with gingerbread cookies and Kraft Dinner. Mmmarlo showed with a massive load of coleslaw with crunchy noodles and a big ol’ bag of popcorn, with which many sewed garlands for our hexmas tree, which was hand drawn on the back of a ballet poster, complete with mistletoe and a cast iron tree stand. I made a sizeable batch of gingerbread while others decorated the cookies with dribbly ice cream. No, not dribbly – drooly. No, not drooly, drippy. No, not drippy, drizzly. Drizzly Adams. Anghold and Dalia the Conqueror came bearing a tasty bean salad (which I just finished off) and white trash nacho dip.

After food, we watched varous Christmas specials – like The Tick, Simpsons (not the first one with Santa’s Little Helper – the other one with Gary Coleman), Futurama (the two X-mas Santa robot ones), How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and Blackadder (not in that order). When the gingerbread was done, we cut out slabs and began construction on our ambitious gingerbread dungeon. Stewie even made little gingerbread characters. It’s not quite done yet, but when it is, I’ll post photos.

Yvonne & Marlo kept the couches from floating away throughout the night (bless their super-dense bodies) and today Y and I went to Loomis whereat I bought some more nifty pens. Oh, and a crazy old lady (there can be no other description, really) spat at and yelled at a nice fellow who was trying to pull her out of the way of a moving bus, on the grounds that he was a pursesnatcher. Now that I think about it, everytime I experience some sad and awkward encounter on the streets of Vancouver I’m with Yvonne. Hmmm…