Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath is up on imdb.com now http://us.imdb.com/title/tt0384057/combined
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Matrix vs. Frenchies

Based on some of the reviews I’ve read and heard of Matrix: Revolutions, I probably won’t see it in the theater. However, starting next week at the Pacific Cinematheque there’s a French animation festivule. I intend on seeing as much as possible. But oh – the seats! Maybe I’ll bring my own.

More computer animation, please.

I watched a lot of TV today while I was sketching. I am really disappointed in TLC and the Discovery Channel. I thought the idea was supposed to be educational programs. What’s educational about watching mechanics trick out a SUV on Monster Garage, or teams of insipid yuppies redecorating other people’s houses on Trading Spaces? Just tell me why sharks don’t get cancer, and what the moons of Jupiter are composed of. Is that too much to ask?

More TV Reflections

For reasons too ethereal to speculate, I had a hankerin’ for sleestaks and incredibly un-PC racial stereotypes, so I put in some Land of the Lost and Tex Avery cartoons, respectively. Funny for different reasons, and all the wrong ones….