Awesome weekend only halfway done

Somebody outbid me on the scrabble board I was e-bidding on. Oh well, the thing about eBay is that there’s always another one coming right up. I’ve been trying to find boards in the Vancouver area, so that I don’t have to pay shipping. Hopefully Anghold will pick it up with me in her car-car, seeing as though she will probably be the one I play the most with (Marlo being the close contender). I like online scrabble because it does all the math for you. I don’t like online scrabble because if you run out of time, YOU LOSE! Even if you’ve got 300 points and the other person only has 1.

Subsection 1: A Voice in the Wilderness

Yesterday I went out to Airwaves studio to sit in on some ADR. Now, I’ve done a bit of ADR (Additional Dialogue Recording), most recently for Unrecoverable Error, but this studio had a cool “band” system – which is where a band scrolls across underneath the TV, upon which someone has written all the lines so you can sort of follow the bouncing ball. They were dubbing into English some German soap-operaesque Coronation Street kind of a thing. It was about this family of three kids to one mother, three different fathers, none of whom are married to the woman. It was interesting.

So, Robert DeNiro stars in a hit movie. They show it in Quebec, but they dub it into, yes, French. Who does the voice of DeNiro? Some Schmuck? What about the next DeNiro film that gets dubbed into French? You see, there is one guy – he is the French Robert DeNiro (voice). Good gig if you can get it.

After that was done, I walked down to Divine Industries to record my commercial voiceover demo (you will remember that I already have a cartoon voiceover demo). We do that in about an hour or so. I think it went well. I should have the finished product in a week or so.

Subsection 2: Movie Time

Then guess what happened! Nope, guess again! That’s right, Yvonne came over and oh the fun we had. I had this coupon for “Best Neighbors Restaurant” so I figured we’d walk down to take a look. I think their theme was ‘surburban family restaurant in urban neighborhood’. The special was some kind of steak. We walked down to Safeway and picked up some ravioli instead (plus that not-to-be forgotten Rold Gold mustard-onion pretzel chunks). We came back to the chez (I know that means “at” – just come along with me for the ride) and cooked up some yum. We watched an episode of Ripping Friends and then settled in for La Femme Nikita. Stewey came home and we played my little board game. Yvonne kicked our buttses. Then a further, different settling in for 28 Days Later. Finally, Mr. Sandman kicked us repeatedly in the chin. Yvonne woke up about a half hour before I did, and left before X-Men: Evolution started. New Justice League episode too.

Subsection 3: Paper Mates
More excitement was in store for me as Marlo ring-dinged to get in on some origami action with Anghold and I. For months I have been wanting to go to a PALM (Paperfolders Around the Lower Mainland) meeting. They’re held on the last Saturday of every month (except next month – second last Saturday) at the library branch in the Oakridge Mall. Joseph Wu puts them on. (Seriously – go to Joseph Wu’s page – he has Dungeons and Dragons origami.) He just got back from a big origami to-do in San Diego. We got there a little late. It was full of kids. Joseph said that there were more at this meeting than usual. There were three instructors there, and it was nice because Joseph was basically our own private tutor. We made crappy owls, bats that really fly (and catch paper moths), and rather boring and difficult-to-make windmills. It was a lot of fun, I recommend it. There was a pair of students from Langara who were doing a tv film project and asked to interview us. It was weird because after the tutorial part of the meeting was over, a bunch of kids came up to our table and started bugging us. We were the only people of our “age group” (i.e. not kids and not parents) there. Anyway we had to leave before the students, one of which was a cute asian girl who was overly-friend (or maybe she was hitting on me – sure, let’s go with that), could interview us.

Subsection 4: The tofyptophan in the tofurkey is making me sleepy.
Anghold dropped Marlo off, picked up Dalia, and headed to Coquitlam for Thanksgiving dinner courtesy of Anghold’s mom. Oh man it was yummy! Pumpkin cheesecake. I could go on but instead I’m just going to