I should really be working….

Some news items from the past 7 days:

Australian researchers found that the brain really does experience pain
when your heart is breaking.

A Princeton graduate student was in trouble for pointing out on his website that the copy-protection software on a new music CD could be defeated simply by pressing the shift key when one inserts the disc. SunnComm Technologies Inc. claimed that the student had violated criminal provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and threatened to sue him.

A lightning bolt killed 20 pregnant cows in Florida.

Physicists were arguing over whether the universe is shaped like a soccer ball.

Japan was investigating an orgy in China involving 400 Japanese tourists and 500 Chinese prostitutes.

A monkey moved a robot with its mind.

Transparency International released its annual corruption survey; Bangladesh was rated most corrupt, just beating out Nigeria and Haiti. Finland, Iceland, and Denmark were the least corrupt.

American soldiers bulldozed ancient groves of date, orange, and lemon trees in central Iraq because, the soldiers said, the farmers know who is in the resistance but refuse to tell.

Rush Limbaugh, who was forced to resign from ESPN after he made unkind comments about a black football player, admitted to being a drug addict.

A Muslim girl in Oklahoma was suspended from school after she refused to take off her head scarf.