Today is a Saturday, and for the first time in a while it really feels like a Saturday. I don’t feel like doing anything except wasting time, in front of the computer or lying in bed listening to the rain. Last night was the whateverth night of the play, and Yvonne, Marlo, Anghold and Stuey came to see it. They enjoyed it, and even picked up on the subtext between my character and Sally Freeman, sharp folk that they be. We all had dinner together (I don’t think I’d ever be caught in the Havana when I didn’t have to be there) and afterwards Yvonne & Marlo and I went out for coffee. Yvonne bought me a steamed milk–thanks, dawg. None of us felt like calling it a night, so we traipsed back to my place where we watched way too many episodes of Clone High and found ourselves having an impromptu sleepover. Stuey snored through a couple of episodes with his ass in one chair, his feet in another, and a big blanket covering mainly his head, while Yvonne passed out sprawled over me (ok that’s not a fair appraisal but I’m going with it anyway). She was in turn sprawled on by Kodos. All in all, a great end to a great night. We all got up around 10ish (except Stuey who got up earlier to fly to Calgaria to engage in the Giving of Thanks), and had breakfast at deDutch Pannekoek House, while at the same time visiting Sheri and having an art session with crayons and placemats. Vader means “father” in Dutch. Way to spoil Empire for the Dutch, George. Apres that, Marlo went home and Yvonne dragged me into Crapters and the magazine store next to Oscar’s to pick up a copy of The Walrus. I mostly studied Dungeon Magazines and Cinescape, and made Yvonne feel bad for subjecting me to so much glossy media.

Such Finery
The rain finally washed away the joyful consorting, and on my way back to the apartment I decided to stop into the Firehall Library branch to pick up some Learn Japanese cassettes. Somebody told me that after 5 years they wipe away your late fines. Well, either they were lying, wrong, or it hasn’t been five years, because I learned the hard way that I have $23 outstanding. They wouldn’t lend me the tapes. I decided then and there that learning Japanese while I draw can wait. It probably worked out for the best – I was planning on dubbing the tapes once I got the tape to tape recorder from Chris, who was planning on coming to the play tonight, but unfortunately he’s come down with The Chilliwack Flu so no dubbing for me. All of that I can handle, my only ire in this situation is against the girl at the library who exuded a tangible underlying condescension towards me. Just enough to make me want to act dumber and slower, just to make it worse, which I managed quite handily.