The play was almost sold out tonight.

Of course I seize ’em.
“Are you Toren?” I heard just as I arrived to the bus stop at Commercial and Broadway, from walking up from the Havana (In 14 trips, only twice would it have been faster to wait for the bus that goes down Commercial, though it’s easily 13 blocks). I turned to see the woman, perhaps in her mid-forties, who I soon came to learn was mother of Josh Stern, a friend of mine who I see perhaps once or twice a year, typically. Although she came because she knows the guy who plays Polish boss, she saw me in the play, but she recognized me from The Thickets. I guess she had come to see Josh’s band Sileophage, when they played with us. What’s odd is that she didn’t see the play tonight, she had seen it last Saturday. A ghost. A spectre!

JFK apparently said: one who is not afraid to fail miserably can achieve greatness. I thought he was a macho womanizing stud who conquered the moon!

Don’t it make your brown eyes blue?
So…If you want to make reservations at the Havana, you need a minimum of 6 people in your party and they add a 15% gratuity onto the bill. I have never heard of that before and I call bullshit on it. Now I don’t have a problem with 15% tip, I’ve been known to give 50% (is that because I found the service that much worth it, or because I ordered a meal worth $2.50 and only had a finn? Both to be sure) but I definitely have a problem with it being imposed against my will. I am thinking I’ll just get a table and not announce to the host that I have made reservations, and see what happens. That will stick it to them: the collective MAN!