There was a new Enterprise last week. When I saw the ad for this episode, I was so confident it was going to suck that I didn’t bother to tape it. I was right.

Boos: a) T’Pol once said that Vulcans don’t touch their food with their hands, or some such. Well, she sure touched that peach pretty handedly (haha). b) Even if I didn’t know what this episode was about, when they went down to the planet the first thing I said (to myself of course, alone in the room) was “why aren’t you wearing environmental suits?” c) Okay, I’m confused – did Trip have to find T’Pol’s DNA by finding a peach? Am I to understand that the doctor doesn’t have all the crew’s DNA on file?

Yays: a) At last a black alien race. b) That dead alien was cool.