I got another pair of converse in the mail today. I got them on ebay – $28 they cost me, or so. Not bad, considering new ones go for $40-60. These ones are just boring old black though. They’re practically brand new and in case you were curious, it costs $7.65 US to mail a pair of shoes from Los Angeles to Vancouver.

There is great competition developing between researchers – backed by television companies – to catch the first giant squid on camera. No giant squid – also known as Architeuthis dux – has ever been caught in its natural habitat – the great depths under the ocean – as it only ever comes to the surface when dead or dying. Indeed, scientists know more about the dinosaurs than they do about the huge cephalopod.

Meanwhile, more Enterprise episodes get Toren reviewettes:

Minefield 029 Enterprise becomes disabled by an alien orbital mine while trapped in hostile Romulan territory.

This was a fine episode, with two exceptions: angling the shuttlepod hatches in mid-float using only the propulsion from a jet pack would be incredibly difficult; why didn’t they just use the transporter instead?

Dead Stop 031 Enterprise docks with a mysterious high-tech space station which proves too good to be true.

Yay! Something interesting!

A Night in Sickbay 030 Archer spends a fretful night in sickbay with Porthos and Dr. Phlox.

Yays: someone aboard Enterprise picks up a lethal pathogen – FINALLY. Too bad it’s the dog. I thought Archer’s dream sequence with T’Pol was going to be awful, but it was actually quite well done I thought. I especially liked how Phlox’s eulogy during Porthos’ funeral.