The problem with dates is that I never know when to stop eating them before it’s too late. Far far too late. Eugh.

PHASE TWO: Mwahhahah! My cunning plan has already started to blossom. Jeff and Michael have already received their special mail. Oh the fun…the fun I say! More details to follow.

Enterprise Episodes PART TWO

Silent Enemy 012 An ill-prepared Enterprise is under attack by mysterious aliens with unknown motivations.

I like this episode. It contains aliens that the crew can’t interact with. Behold the unfathomable mysteries of space. Yes please.

Dear Doctor 013 Dr. Phlox faces a serious dilemma as a dying race begs for help from Enterprise.

Another good episode, we get to see what Starfleet was like before the prime directive. Nicely done. The doctor is my favourite character.

Sleeping Dogs 015 T’Pol, Reed and Hoshi get stranded on a Klingon “shipwreck” sinking inside a gas giant. Archer tries to convince a captured Klingon to help before his crewmates get crushed in the intense pressure of the planet’s atmosphere.

One of my favourites. There’s not many twists or suprises but it’s just generally a very cool episode.

Shadows of P’Jem 014 When T’Pol is ordered by her superiors to leave Enterprise, she goes on one last away mission with Archer to planet Coridan, where they are taken captive by a militant faction and once again encounter the volatile Andorians.

Has it’s problems, but the Andorians show up at the end and make it all worthwhile. I was so happy to see the Andorians back on Star Trek. They’ve been ignored all through Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and the movies.

Shuttlepod One 016 During a shuttlepod mission, Tucker and Reed are cut off from Enterprise and become convinced the starship has been destroyed and that their days are numbered.

I actually didn’t see this one.

017 A group of atypical Vulcans visiting Enterprise subject T’Pol to uncomfortable new ideas.

I like the idea of Vulcans who aren’t very Vulcan (for a reason, as opposed to the Vulcans we’ve been seeing up to now). The episode had the kind of gay (not in the good way) namby-pamby bullshit you get with a Troi-centric TNG episode, but not as bad as all that.

Rogue Planet 018 While exploring an uncharted planet, Enterprise crew members encounter a group of aliens who are hunting down indigenous creatures for recreation.

Yawn. Encountering hunters on an alien world is a nice, relatively unexplored idea, but the whole “alien who can access your subconscious and create a beautiful girl for you to interact with” is tired and old.

Acquisition 019 When the Ferengi, a group of intergalactic thieves, stun the Enterprise crew and try to rob the ship, it’s up to Trip to work covertly to stop them.

Yays: Space pirates!!! Huzzah! Jeffrey Combs as a ferengi! Ferengi whips! Boos: OK – first contact with ferengi was in TNG – am I supposed to believe that Data and the rest of them just forgot about one of the encounters of the first Enterprise.

Oasis 020 The crew is directed to a derelict ship on a barren planet that they can salvage for supplies, and learn that rumors the shipwreck is haunted may not be unfounded.

Well I like a space mystery as much as the next guy, I guess. Boos: Alien men wear pants, alien women wear skirts. Parallel evolution I guess. “Vulcan’s don’t imagine things” – what a crock!

021 Archer and Mayweather are detained by the Tandarans in a Suliban internment camp. Learning of the Suliban’s persecution by the Tandarans, Archer enlists the aid of Enterprise and his crew to look past their own prejudices and free the wrongfully imprisone

Not a bad concept. The fact that the crew had to deal with alien bureaucracy was surprisingly cool.

Vox Sola 022 When a strange, symbiotic alien creature boards Enterprise and captures several crew members, it’s up to Hoshi to decipher the creature’s complex language.

I thought this episode was going to be good (weird inhumanoid alien) but it turned out to be typically Star Trek. Next time a monster comes on board, have it EAT SOMEONE!!!

Fallen Hero 023 Archer is ordered to transport Vulcan Ambassador V’Lar, an early role model of T’Pol’s, from a planet where her integrity has been called into question.

A surprisingly well done episode.

Desert Crossing 024 When Archer and Trip are invited to a desert-like planet by an alien leader, they discover he is a terrorist who has lured them there under false pretenses.

Not bad. Seeing Clancy Brown was nice.

Two Days and Two Nights 025 Shore leave takes an interesting twist for the lucky few who are able to take some time off on Risa, the famous pleasure planet. Archer, Trip and Reed all have mysterious encounters with females who may not be all they appear.

Worst episode ever.

Shockwave, Part I-II 026 After apparently causing the obliteration of an alien colony, Enterprise is ordered to return to Earth, until a surprise visitor offers Archer startling evidence about what really happened…

Not bad. I like this storyline.

Carbon Creek 027 T’Pol’s recollection of the Vulcans’ first encounter with humans conflicts with what Archer and Trip learned from history books.

I think they should make a Star Trek sitcom with three Vulcans trying to adjust to 1950’s America, with a Klingon who comes in once an episode and yells “Aaaaaaaaaay!” or “Dy-no-mite!”