The REO 3000 Overdrive Experience, Jr

I want to start up a musical side project – one that involves people who live in the same town as me, or at least have the wherewithal to come in to write, practice and record once a week or so. The music would be less aggressive than The Thickets (am I getting old? “Maturing?”). There should be guitar, drums, piano/keyboards, trombone, bagpipes, violins, anything and everything – especially a dose of that newfangled electronica shit. Is there an instrument you can buy for that? HOW DO THEY DO IT? I wouldn’t even have to sing on all the songs. I would like it to be a collective effort, although everyone should have veto power I think. Especially me. If you’re familiar with Desert Sessions you will know what I’m talking about.

What would the project name be? I always thought that Slave Tusk would be a good band name, but it would be too heavily metally sounding for what I have in mind. Genghis Tron would be a good except everyone would think we’re electronica. Recently I thought Aurumvorax, which is a monster from the Monster Manual II, would work, even though the monster itself is unbelievably lame.

Warren joked that if The Thickets ever broke up, we could reform as The Second Level Wizards. My favourite of Josh’s is Oignons de Geurre.

Here are some real band names to get the creative juices flowing:
Beats the Hell Out of Me
The Bendy Monsters
Boba Fett Youth
Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellas
Cancer Bunny
Crocheted Doughnut Ring
The Dancing French Liberals of 1848
Demon Barf
Don Knotts Overdrive
Dreaded Apparatus
Five Fat Guys Who Rock
Frogs Don’t Cry
Hell Camino
Heywood Trout Festival
Hornets Attack Victor Mature
Joan of Arkansas
Mao Tse Helen
The Negro Problem (not something I’d name my band)
New Squids on the Dock
Not Drowning, Waving
Out Vile Jelly
Pee Shy
Question Mark & the Mysterians
Sandy Duncan’s Eye
Science Diet
Shot Down In Ecuador, Jr.
*.fat [pronounced STAR DOT FAT]
Thank God We’re Immortal
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282
Waffles Against AIDS [Vafler mot AIDS]
Weird Skull Control (not sure why I like this, but I do)

One thing I’ve thought about creating a band name, is going about it the same way that they go about making up car names (like Acura, Ciera, etc). The advantage of making up an entirely new word for your band is that when you plug it into google, you can always find what you’re looking for right away. So, if I was starting a band, and I wanted to call it Cake, that would be bad because all these recipes would come up (if there weren’t already a popular band called Cake, that is). I would lean towards a word with a lot of X’s, G’s, and K’s.


Now you suggest a band name!