Come One Come All
What’s the project name? Don’t know yet. C:> (also known as “c prompt”) is a heavy contender right now. I already know what the shirts are going to look like. Who’s in the project? Chris Slater (who suggested C:>) says he can play guitar and mandolin. Norm is in, for trombone and drums I assume. I hope we can find someone for keyboards – I asked Stephane but he told me to begone from his sight, as did my roommate when I asked him if he wanted to get in on some electronica/DJing action. Ang Hold and Kate are potential singers. Updates as they come.

In related news, CD prices may be going down. Universal will institute a $14.98 maximum suggested list price on virtually all of its top line CDs and a $9.99 price tag for developing new artists, and will also start offering music downloads in Canada in October from 99 cents a song and $9.99 per album.