Shawna thought I was 26.
She is moving back to Victoria in 3 weeks.
One less woman (and excellent company) in our D&D group. We had bubble tea. Lychee for her and mango for me.

Today we had band practice. It went well. I didn’t have to drive out to Chilliwack for a change (and in fact, I couldn’t – Stephane’s car is in…I don’t even know. “The East.”) We practiced at Vancouver Rock Space, which Jordan wished we could live in. We got a discount because I signed up to some music site called…okay that’s too boring to even finish the sentence. Anyway we practiced Big Robot Dinosaur and Jimmy the Squid so look out for those two hot numbers on Sunday.

I’m quite excited about seeing Eddie Izzard tomorrow (well today I guess now. It’s 2:33. Time for sleep with Kodos.)

Eat shit and die,
I mean, I love you….