I was expecting Chris (my roomie) back from his vacation on Wednesday. It’s now friday. I’m worried! Plus I organized this thingy tonight where we’re watching one of his new DVDs – I would feel bad to watch it without him but people have already committed to come over.

Stewey Doo! Where are you?

Meanwhile, my friend Mike sent me this email:

I went in for jury duty yesterday. I was called to a courtroom for
jury selection; the case involved personal injury in a car
accident. It seems that some of the injury is in the form of
depression and/or other psychiatric maladies. I get in the box and
examination starts.

The judge asks a number of general questions, including “Does anyone
have any experience or knowledge of Psychiatry or Psychology?”
I squirm and consider and raise my hand and say, “I wrote part of a
book called ‘Taint of Madness’ on insanity and the historical
treatment of psychiatric disorders,” which sounds pretty spiffy.
But the judge asks for more information about the nature of my
research and knowledge, and pretty soon I’m talking about role-
playing games and seeing horrible things and going insane. The judge
asks what the name of the game is, and I respond as calmly as
possible, “Call of Cthulhu”.

Cthulhu is now part of the public record in court documents. No
doubt he’s been there before, but I thought it was worth mentioning.


PS The defense kicked me off with a peremptory challenge. They
never tell you the reason, but it makes me wonder. Was it that I
have a Master’s degree in physics, a cousin in the CHP, or was it
that I roll funny-shaped dice and worship Cthulhu?