My life sucks (but not really)

Yesterday was D&D night. There are seven players in my group, plus me. Only three players showed up (and one was 2 and a half hours late because he forgot we were playing). What – am I a bad DM? People don’t want to play with me anymore? I want your pity.

No, actually, they all called ahead and had good reasons for not cancelling (unless they were lying, the no good, good-for-nothin’, nogoodniks).

So I watched Labyrinth this week. I saw it once before, a long time ago. I didn’t like it then. But I thought – you know, it’s been a long time – I’ll give it another chance. And all you nerds out there will probably gape and gasp when I say, I didn’t much care for it this time either. The story was practically non-existent. The acting was bare-bones. The songs were terrible. The best parts definitely were the visuals – there was some really great creative stuff, no less than is to be expected from Jim Henson. But I tell ya, it’s no Dark Crystal. I give it a 3/10. And what is with Bowie’s package? Was that part of the contract?